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New xteel update

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New xteel update Empty New xteel update

Post  Minato on Wed Mar 04, 2009 7:08 pm

Here are the patch notes for version

2 new maps have been added to the following Battle Modes:

Capture the Flag

Falicia Canyon
Strato Field
Clan Battle

Simulation Arena
Strato Field
Booster changes:

The Fever Rain has been added. It's a missile booster and will use all missile skills, and will be NCcoin for now.
We've added a Credit (Durability) purchase option for the Maverick booster. This purchase option will not be available forever.
Room level filters have been altered. We'll be adding more filters in the near future, but for now the filters are:

A "Repair All" button has been added. You can select it on the Mechanaught selection screen in the Hangar.
A "Contact" button has been added to the Friends and Clan list. You can click on anyone in that list, then click on the "Contact" button to join them if they are in a room or in a battle, just like the "Pilot Search" feature.
Some anti-hacking code has been applied.
Bug fixes:

An issue where weapon skill experience was not being correctly applied and stored has been fixed.
Continual repetition of the Last Stand credit reward message should no longer happen.
A crash that occurs when entering the Hangar if there is a Mechanaught Assembly Error has been fixed.
Sometimes a store transaction will fail and deduct credits from your inventory but not give you the item. This has been fixed.
A proper error message will now show when a non-clan user attempts to create a clan room.
Error code has been added to be shown when a login fails.
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